COVID Safety


The wellbeing and safety of our guests and staff has always been a priority at Visitors Inn.  With the world in crisis because of the global Covid 19 pandemic, health and safety has never been more important.  We pride ourselves with maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness, and we have introduced even more layers of cleaning and disinfecting to keep everyone safe.  We are following all municipal and provincial public health warnings, directions, and recommendations related to Covid 19.


To protect our staff and customers from COVID-19 risk, we have implemented the following steps:

  • We have adapted by adding extra layers of cleaning, disinfecting all surfaces and high-touch areas, and cleaning more often.
  • All rooms are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly, and then sealed. Once a room has been disinfected and inspected, we place a safety seal on the door so that no one can re-enter that room until check-in.
  • All linens, bedding, and towels are washed and sanitized in a high-temperature wash cycle.
  • We are rotating occupancy, so that arriving guests can check into rooms that have not been occupied for a few days.
  • We are enforcing physical distancing in all public areas of the hotel
  • Signage is posted throughout the public areas reminding everyone to stay safe by keeping the recommended two metre distance from others.
  • Check-in process has been simplified to avoid unnecessary contact.
  • Plexi-glass shields have been installed at our front desk to avoid contact.
  • All Staff are required to stay at home, and not return to work if they exhibit any of the common symptoms of Covid 19.
  • Clear signage from the Ontario Ministry of Health, are posted at all entrances that ask guests to not enter if they have any Covid 19 symptoms. Please stay at home and away from others if you are feeling ill.
  • We do not allow bookings for people who want to “quarantine”, and we will not take bookings from institutions who have had Covid outbreaks.
  • We encourage all staff and guests to wash their hands frequently and practice good hygiene.
  • Hand Sanitizer is available in the lobby for all guests
  • Our cleaning staff also wear gloves (and masks) for added safety.
  • We are enforcing the mandatory city of Hamilton face covering bi-law
  • Masks or Face Coverings are mandatory in all indoor public areas for guests and staff. All of our cleaning staff wear gloves, and masks, to protect themselves and others.
  • Free 3-ply disposable face masks are available for guests if they do not have their own face covering.
  • Our beautiful Indoor Pool is open for our valued guests, under extended safety restrictions.
  • We are following the Health and Safety recommendations of the City of Hamilton, by not allowing more than 10 people at the same time into our pool area.
  • The Hot Tub and Sauna remain closed
  • All pool furniture and surfaces are cleaned/disinfected after each guest use.
  • To comply with the recommended distancing requirements, we are limiting the number of guests allowed in our exercise room to one.
  • We are frequently cleaning and disinfecting the equipment
  • A spray bottle with disinfectant cleaner and paper towels are supplied as well as signage that ask guests to please wipe down equipment after use.
  • Exercise room is well ventilated with a separate HVAC with direct outside airflow.